Maintaining Your HVAC System Properly

When you take an entire building under consideration, so critical is the HVAC systems which are responsible for the regulation of airflow, ventilation, heat, and air conditioning. When you enter the structure, you are not going to see the machines involved, but there is no doubt you will soon feel the positive effects of a well-ventilated and comfortable workplace.

Take a look at some of the most important reasons that the owners of the businesses involved depend on their HVAC system in their office buildings to be completely reliable.

To get started, the overall climate in the building is controlled by the HVAC systems. In addition, when changes occur in the outdoor temperature, they make the proper adjustments. This means that in the winter season, the indoor temperature will be maintained at a comfortable level by the HVAC systems, primarily the heaters or boilers. Then, of course, in the warmer seasons, the cooling that is required to keep the building comfortable is provided by the HVAC systems properly regulating the temperature of the air.

Everyone is in agreement how maintaining a comfortable office climate is so important to the morale of employees and workers and certainly increases the effectiveness of all. When people feel comfortable in their work environment, there is no question they are motivated to better perform. The last thing an employee need is to be distracted from their computer screen by excessive heat or cold in their environment. There is no doubt how a properly installed HVAC system will keep employees happy and at ease resulting in work returns being the very best they can be.

In addition to the temperature being properly maintained by a well-functioning HVAC system, the quality of air is greatly improved as well. The HVAC system working properly will reduce the humidity in the air, making the atmosphere feel pleasant and cozy to those involved. Still another great advantage of an HVAC system working properly is the energy savings it offers the building owner and business involved. And because the systems today are automated, the temperature and time settings of the machine no longer must be manually adjusted. The proper adjustments are made automatically. This is a major factor in making the system as efficient as possible. Also, the automated HVAC system is able to tell just when employees or workers are no longer in the building, allowing it to adjust the indoor temperatures to the proper levels.

Another vital contribution contributed by the properly working HVAC systems is the lowering of the employee’s attrition rate. Numerous studies on corporate employee motivations and workplace behavior have continued to show that when their office is properly heated and cooled workers, are enticed and comfortable coming to work. Maintaining a proper work temperature is very often noted to be an important factor in the building of solid work performance.

Since not all HVAC systems are equally created and installed, it is so important that one carefully consider the skills and tenure of the HVAC team they are considering to get the job done. The following intricate processes will all be required to set up your building properly and they include: a careful review of the building design, an entire building inspection, a review of each cooling and heating components construction and installation, a testing of the water and air for balance, provision of a start-up checklist, testing end-to-end to achieve operations that are fail-proof, and troubleshooting of all parts of the HVAC system to best prepare it for the operation’s day-to-day.

To make certain that everything is properly in its place, further fine-tuning is going to be required to make certain the most basic function is performed by each part. When the installation of the HVAC system is finally completed, you can rest assured that your selected team will be ready at any time of the day to respond to your calls!

Why Is My Air Conditioner Running Constantly?

During normal summer weather, your air conditioner will be running approximately fifteen minutes in every cooling cycle. However, if your cooling cycles last thirty minutes, or sixty minutes, or the entire day, there is probably something wrong with your air conditioning system. Today we will discuss what might be going on if your air conditioner is always running and what you can do to fix the problem.

Why Does It Matter If The Air Conditioner Runs Often?

There are two reasons why it is a problem if your air conditioner is constantly running. First, it will waste a lot of energy. When your air conditioner runs a lot, it consumes more energy, and your energy bills will be higher. Second, your AC system will be under more stress, and the components of the system are more likely to break down and require repairs.

Six Potential Reasons Why The Air Conditioner Is Constantly Running

Your air conditioner may be too small for the size of the house it is trying to cool. Whenever a new air conditioner is installed in a home, the contractor must take steps to ensure that it is the right size for the house. If the home is too large for the size of the air conditioner, the AC unit will constantly run because it does not have the power to cool the home. The proper way to deal with this is to put in an air conditioner that is the right size for your home.

The air conditioner is old. When air conditioners get old, they become less able to cool the house properly. Parts of the system start to be inefficient, and the air conditioner constantly works in an effort to cool the home. A new air conditioner will use much less energy and will also have a shorter cooling cycle.

The house has air leaks. The ductwork in your home can develop leaks, and air leaks can also start to form around doors and windows. Air that has been processed by your air conditioner will escape through these leaks, and your air conditioner must work harder to cool the home. You can prevent this by sealing leaks in the home, particularly around doors and windows.

The cooling coils are covered with dirt. When the cooling coils have accumulated dirt, the air conditioner is less able to remove heat from the house. For this reason, you should have the coils cleaned each year, or you can call Jerry Kelly if the coils are dirty.

The setting of the thermostat keeps the air conditioner running. The air conditioner is designed to handle a specific difference in the temperature inside the house and outside the house. If it is 95 degrees outside and you set your thermostat at 65 degrees, the air conditioning system will have to work very hard to achieve this much cooling. It will not have to work as hard if you have it set to a temperature that is more reasonable.

The weather outside is abnormally hot. On days that are extremely hot, it is normal for the air conditioner to run much more often than it usually does. You should not worry about this because the cooling cycles will be normal once the air outside returns to a more moderate temperature.

Investing into Complete Home Health

Your Heating and Air conditioning systems are large investments. Protect these investments by making sure it stays in perfect operating condition. As a Litzenberger Plumbing & Heating Confidence Customer, you will receive priority service and the added assurance that we will maintain your equipment so it operates at peak efficiency and lasts longer. Litzenberger Plumbing & Heating Confidence Plans will reduce the number of emergency calls by revealing potential problems before they occur. It’s an inexpensive prevention plan… to potentially expensive problems.

LITZENBERGER Level 1 Filter Confidence Plan – $280/year or $24/month on a 12-month Contract.

In-Home monthly filter replacement. *This way you don’t have to keep extra filters lying around. We will keep stock for you, and contact you when it’s time to book your filter replacement.
With the Level 1 Confidence Plan, our trained family member, will change the filter for you and observe and report any potential problems with your furnace to our Lead technician and Company Owner, Ben Litzenberger.
This Plan service is available days, evenings, and weekends, to fit your busy lifestyle, at no extra charge.

LITZENBERGER Level 2 Furnace Confidence Plan – $400/year or $35/month on a 12-month Contract.

Includes the LITZENBERGER Level 1 Filter Confidence Plan, plus;
Clean, service, and test all furnace components, and controls.
Check all gas fittings on the furnace and in the mechanical room for leaks.

LITZENBERGER Level 3 Filter, Furnace, & Water Heater, Confidence Plan – $580/ year or $50/month on 12-month Contract.

Includes LITZENBERGER Level 2 Confidence Plan, plus;
Water heater service and test all components. Includes anode rod, cold water inlet tube and thermocouple as required.
LITZENBERGER Level 4 Filter, Furnace, Air Conditioner, & Water heater, Confidence Plan – $760/year or $65/month on 12 month Contract.

Includes LITZENBERGER Level 3 Confidence Plan, plus;

Service and clean Air conditioner condenser and evaporator coils and drains.
Test A/C system and cooling capacity.

LITZENBERGER Boiler Confidence Plan – $150 / year or $13/month on 12 month contract

  • Check operations of thermostat.
  • Inspect and Test all boiler components and safeties.
  • Clean and service all combustion components.
  • Check all gas fittings on the boiler and in the mechanical room for leaks.
  • Lubricate pump and motors,as required.

LITZENBERGER Filter Pride Plan – $111/ year or $10/month on yearly Contract.

This Plan, is for those who prefer to change the furnace filter themselves.
We supply you with a one year supply (12) filters, delivered to your door.
No in home services.